Our modern day role models – the great seductresses !!

Daily morning as I took breakfast in the canteen of my medical college, the TV kept singing in loud volume and everyone eating there had to start their morning daily with a good dose of item numbers. One of my relative’s one year old daughter liked the tune of ‘Sheila ki javani’ so much that it became her lori song hearing which she goes to sleep. In a particular psychiatry ward I observed that patients had nothing to do the whole day and spent most of their time in watching songs focused on skimpily clad women. I see around me that the difference between some clothes women wear now-a-days in public and brassier is not in size, but only in the colour and texture of material. Explaining the rationale behind new fashion trends one of my friends told me, “What is the use of having a good figure if people don’t come to know about it?” I wonder what would be the consequences of people receiving such an increased frequency of sexual stimuli everyday??

But before going ahead with what I think are the consequences, I would like to clarify that I do not think that rapes are mainly because of seductive dressing. Civilised people who get distracted by seductive stimuli, will not commit any crime on any woman even after being aroused. And males with bad taste will attack even a fully clothed woman. My reasons for objecting to men/ women dressing seductively in general public/ item numbers are different, as stated below:

  1. A very ‘potent’ distraction! Receiving seductive stimuli multiple times a day is bound to lead to repeated sexual arousals. Now I am definitely not claiming that everyone receiving these stimuli will end up committing rapes. What I am asking is what is your guess – what are the possible consequences of these repeated sexual arousals in people’s minds? I will leave the answer to your imagination and common sense…But what all of us will agree is that it distracts people from the work they are trying to focus on. So when one member in a group of trainees has worn a figure revealing dress, the mental space of some of the trainees becomes too preoccupied for any new lesson to seep in! In this regard, one experience of my library days is worth sharing… I used to go to a 24 hrs library and entrance fever was as its peak. My preparation was not upto the mark and so I was asking everyone for smart studying strategies.. There was a particular guy who would come at 10 pm and leave at 8am. Naturally I got curious about the possible advantages of this odd study hours. He explained hesitatingly “I tried many days to study during daytime. But with the kind of clothes girls in our library wear, I was simply not able to focus on studies. In night there is no distraction and I am able to enjoy excellent concentration”. I found his reply hilarious as well as saddening at the same time… Was he doomed to a nocturnal life because he had a very cheap mind or was everyone getting distracted to some extent – more or less? I cant speak for others, but I definitely get distracted from my work when some woman around me has worn figure revealing clothes. May be I also have a very cheap mind…
  2. Sexuality predominates the social mindspace: When cricket fever is high people exclaim Indians ‘Eat cricket, drink cricket & breathe cricket’ – unofficially India is closed down; people skip work. It is only natural that what keeps on getting hammered repeatedly in the mind, the mind remains pre-occupied with that. If youth keep receiving a heavy dose of seductive stimuli repeatedly, will sexuality not be the main subject of their discussions and contemplation? Do you regard this to be healthy? After a poetry competition in my MBBS college, one of the judge remarked, “The only subject of everyone’s poetry was romance. Is there no other subject which captivates the imagination/ passion of today’s youth?” I had been to a youth workshop. For 3 days my mind was so engrossed in reflecting over various issues of social relevance… It was an enriching experience indeed. Then on 4th day we went to the market to buy something and I saw hoardings of various brands marketing their products with pictures of seductively dressed women. I was in the company of the same people as previous days; but sexual thoughts predominated my mind for the next few hours. Nothing is wrong with sexuality. But should we have a choice of when and how much? Or should the cultural trends in a society be such that people are prompted to think about it most of the time? In many of the whatsapp groups I observe, cheap sexual jokes is the main content getting exchanged… Are we incapable of discussing more meaningful things? Worse still, item numbers & cheap jokes create such a negative perspective towards sexuality in mind. The wonderful gift of sexuality gets transformed into a ‘gandii baat’… After spending 15 minutes watching cheap songs and after spending 15 minutes watching a documentary on a constructive project – do you also find that there is a vast difference in the quality of thoughts and behaviours you engage in for the next few hours? Garbage in; garbage out! Someone defined the purpose of vulgarity in films aptly ‘To use the female body to arouse sexual emotions in men and to encash on that’. Makers of films and TV channels like to include more of seductive content because that earns them more…an item number is squeezed into a film like munna bhai MBBS also. Their motive is profit and so they will do it. But are we fools to let them decide what should rule our mental space? Should we not be choosing more consciously the seeds that get sown in the wonderful garden of our mind?
  3. The very ideal of feminism gets defeated! In a particular item number the heroine walks on the ramp and surrounding males dance with enthusiasm staring at her expectantly with tongues rolling out of their mouths and salivating… In another item number the model pours liquor on her feet and men standing below drink the ‘extra charged’ liquor. As we give social acceptance to such item numbers, are we not promoting an attitude of looking towards women predominantly as ‘objects of sense gratification’? Do modern day feminists want to cultivate this kind of attitude towards women? Social activist Sunita Krishnan has rescued and rehabilitated over 10,100 girls from sexual slavery. She also conducts awareness programmes amongst boys/ men to give up the demand for prostitutes; so that more girls don’t get forced into this flesh trade. She has received wide appreciation for her work, was interviewed on Satyamev Jayate and has recently been nominated for an international award. She is an ardent feminist too. It is interesting to note that in 1995, she was one amongst those rare breed of activists who protested against the staging of the miss world competition in Bangalore. There are many feminists like her who believe that pornography, seductive videos, etc. contribute towards degradation & objectification of women’s body and reinforce sexual & cultural attitudes that are complicit in rape and sexual harassment. Just because one or 2 rounds of questions & answers are put, does it change the fact that these beauty competitions are essentially about who looks sexier?  The implications of this ongoing commodification of the female body are in favour of feminism or against it? Your idea of feminism is about having equal rights & respect for women or about women having the freedom to do whatever they wish to do, unmindful of its consequences???
  4. It is degrading our tastes!  Such open acceptance of pornography in films is leading our film industry into a very unhealthy direction. Consider this – Sunita Krishnan has recently made a film on sex trafficking, named ‘Naa bangaaru Talli’, to prevent ignorant poor women from falling in the trap. While making she made sure that it would be a family film which people can watch with their children also. The film won seven international awards and three national awards, and everybody who has seen the film says  “I thought this will be an award film, but this is super family thriller” But still she is not getting any distributors for the film. She writes on her blog what the distributors have to say,

All of them unanimously felt (I am telling you this after showing it to more than 30 big and small distributors) it was a great family-thriller, the background score was brilliant, the songs were great, the story mind-blowing, and the performance powerful…etc…etc   So where is the movie falling short? No star cast, no item number, no sex…no violence…all in all no masala. Infact one small time distributor told me “you had so much scope for adding so many things in your film…atleast you could have shown some sex ( the film is a true story of sex trafficking)…or atleast one item number in the form of a bar dance!!!”’

Because we are not raising any sort of objection to this vulgarity, it is becoming an integral part of everything in our culture. Films are including a good dose of it, cheap songs are being played during festivals, aspiring actresses have to be ok with seductive scenes, most things are getting marketed using the attracting power of a female body, etc.. What is disturbing to me is that rather than criticising rising amount of pornography in films, we are applauding women doing item numbers as great achievers! Porn stars are being projected as great celebrities…item numbers are favourite songs played during parties & family get togethers… Our idea of entertainment is becoming so cheap! By doing this, are we not legitimising the unrestricted expression of the male libido? Recently a journalist posted a cheap comment on a revealing pic of Deepika Padukone. There was an uproar from society that such comments lead to objectification of female body and are condemnable. Wow! I fully support the uproar. But I have a question. If the tweet posted by the journalist leads to ‘objectification of female body’; doesn’t the revealing dressing style of present day actresses/ models/ item number stars/ porn starts/ etc. in ‘reel’ as well as ‘real’ life, lead to the same thing in a much bigger way? Shouldn’t we be objecting to both rather than only the 1st one? Why is the 2nd one so acceptable to us? Are we sure we are giving the right kind of role models to the next generation?

With any kind of moral preaching being condemned as bad, people who wish to make a quick buck out of pornography are becoming shameless, bold & proud about their act. There is a new phrase coined to justify their use of vulgarity – “getting comfortable with one’s body”. I have heard people doing malpractices in their profession give silly excuses to decrease their guilt and make it sound justified; eg “paapi pet ke liye karna padta hai”, “Dhande me sab chalta hai”, etc. This excuse is also no different. In psychological terms dressing in a seductive way is a trait of borderline personality disorder – people who are not sure of themselves & their beliefs. People who are “comfortable with themselves” don’t have the need to keep attracting attention! Some people claim that they wear short clothes because they feel more comfortable in it… If one wants to wear less clothes and attract the opposite gender; do it. But atleast don’t give silly excuses! Consider this experience I recently had – I had enrolled for a particular training. The instructor had sent a sms that AC will be on; so to come with adequate clothing. Still 1 girl came skimpily clad. She was shivering and so 1 guy gave his jacket to her. Instructor re-emphasised the need to come dressed adequately because of the AC. Inspite of this, next day 2 girls came skimpily clad and kept shivering during the class 🙂 One of my female friends gave me a feedback that she used to be very conscious of self & inhibited because of the various restrictions put on clothing in her small town. Then when she came to Pune and started dressing without having to bother much how she was looking, she experienced a new breath of freedom. So i just wanted to clarify that i am not pressing for any particular type of clothing and nor do i feel that clothes ought to obliterate all the body curves completely. Our face and body shape is an integral part of our personality and there is absolutely no harm if someone has a look at it. I would hate if girls feel uncomfortable about their figure. My objection is only to the style of clothing which is too revealing or wherein the main objective is to draw attention towards the curves.

We are embracing seductiveness with open arms into our culture! With seductive dressing receiving widespread appreciation & respect in media, I see people around me choosing that as their routine way of dressing in real life too! For reasons mentioned above, I regard this trend to be harmful for our society. I personally loved to wear tight clothes because my physique was very good while I was in my XII & MBBS (now of course you would not believe that looking at me 🙂 ). Then one day I heard about the argument that in a cultured society, clothes are meant to cover the body and not to show it; so that people around don’t get aroused or distracted unnecessarily. That appealed to me and from that day I gave up wearing tight clothes unnecessarily. What is your opinion? If we can avoid distracting others just by some thoughtful clothing; is it not worth the deal? Is that too much of a discomfort? Other than in our bedroom or when we are looking out for a partner,by wearing figure revealing clothes are we really gaining anything? Do you want to project your sexuality as the most predominant aspect to your personality? Or do you wish to be identified in the society around for something else? Our dressing decides to a great extent how people perceive us. I appeal to you to choose your dressing style more consciously.

I request you to reconsider your opinion? Should we continue with pride our culture of dignified clothing wherein women avoided arousing sexual emotions un-necessarily; wherein other elements to her personality are given more attention to by her and by people around?  Or should we enthusiastically march towards a culture wherein the aim of dressing is to project to people the wonderful figure one has? A culture wherein each item from a mango juice to cement to a feature film is sold using the marketing potential of a beautiful seductress… and these seductresses become the most popular and get regarded to be some of the most successful members of society; a culture wherein young girls dream of being able to do 5 item numbers in life…

Which type of social dressing will promote in our culture the ideal of feminism that you hold on to so dearly in your heart? Please give it a second thought…


11 thoughts on “Our modern day role models – the great seductresses !!

  1. I guess it depends on where you draw the line. The omg series on the times website is reprehensible and if you notice it has disappeared after the Deepika episode. So the protest has only brought positive results

    The central argument to the “provocation” is that it is the person own moral barriers which generates the reaction to the external stimuli. Have you forgotten the omni present rape scenes in movies in the 1980 and 1990 or the caberas item songs in 1970 of Helen and bindu . Was that less provocative?

    To be fair the entire point of a heroine or hero in a film besides acting is to look good. Nothing wrong in what they do. It is entirely useless however for a doctor or lawyer to. Make that a center piece of his profession. So is there hero or heroine wrong or is the person imitating him or her?

    I can understand if we talk about kids who lack a capacity to differentiate between real fake and imaginary but as an adult you are supposed to be able to do that.

    An adult besides making decisions for himself makes decisions for his children and for the nation when he votes. If you are saying he lacks the is ability to differentiate then we are saying as a society we are immature.

    Then it is this immaturity that needs to change not the external stimuli. The self control can be developed and there is no excuse to not having it.

    If all of us were to reject the stimuli there would be no commercial gain from doing such a thing and it would stop. Being dictatorial is neither possible nor the likely solution

    This is applicable to all vices wine women smoking bribes or power. You seem to be doing great work on educating people on smoking. Apply the same principle here. Education and self control is the solution


    • Dear Jaydeep, you are the 1st one to comment on my 1st blog… that means a lot to me… I was waiting that atleast someone should comment  thanks. Also thanks for reading the long post.

      I agree with you that the way the omg series commented on the pornographic photo/video was unhealthy for the society and should have been condemned by all. I join you in doing so. I also feel that seductive dressing is unhealthy for the society in the 1st place (for reasons explained above) and hence I am of the opinion that it should also be condemned by all.

      Yes, the cabres of Helen were also provocative and I am not praising them either. Atleast, in that era those who did it were supposed to be the bad characters/ vamps. Now the main heroines only compete to do it because society has started to respect and praise women who do these item numbers, which objectify a women’s body. And as I said the argument of ‘need of the role’ is rubbish. They wear equally seductive clothes in real life parties and TV interviews also. In films also, in most cases, seductive scenes and item numbers are somehow pushed in – not because of need of script, but to make more money. There is a difference between looking good and looking seductive. If you want to say that looking seductive is an actresses job – I have no comments to make on that.

      When it comes to GM foods, nuclear power, and the other issues you campaign for, you believe in convincing people and even appealing for bans and policy level measures. Why don’t you trust the maturity of adults in our society and leave it for each individual to decide, whether he wants to have a GM food or not? Probably you believe that those issues are serious and have harmful consequences for the society. And probably in the case of seductive dressing, alcohol, tobacco and other vices you don’t think so. However, I am of the opinion that these issues are equally harmful for the society and so the difference in our stand. Ever wondered, why are majority people not so much bothered about GM foods or nuclear energy as you are? My guess is that they have not received adequate information and understanding about the issue; and so they don’t care. Similarly, I believe that because implications of seductive dressing & alcohol drinking are not discussed enough in the society, people have a belief that they are harmless. Hence most intellectuals are either neutral about them or outright supportive of them.

      And I myself, am not talking of any legal measures. I am just appealing people to reconsider – is this trend towards seductive dressing which we are choosing, a healthy thing for our society? And if they think its unhealthy; then to implement appropriate changes in their dressing and recommend others around them also to reconsider their choices. Some people believe moral policing is harmful for the society and so they criticise that. I believe, people remaining silent on moral issues is harmful for the society and so I would criticise that.


    • thanks for the response!
      In this article i have not said anywhere that rapes result because of the way women dress. I myself dont approve of any justification of rapes. I have pointed out 4 disadvantages of pornography in films, item numbers and women dressing up seductively in general – and how that defeats the very purpose of feminism of not reducing women to mere objects of sense gratification. Please do give an open minded thought to that.


  2. Dharav, first and foremost i applaud you for your true and honest expression. In a world of “mujhe kyaa padhi hai” really it shows ur indepth thinking.
    I will express my views by sharing a conversation i had with recently with a lady. She is a teacher and during one show of Satyamev Jayate they were showing how in calcutta during new year 20 men roughed up,molested a girl.
    this lady said she was dressed improperly hence it happened. I went into an outrage and defended the girl becoz what happened to her was not related to her dressing. Males when in a group tend to dive into lot of cheap jokes and fun. Im not generalising but many many times i have seen this happen.

    The point in discussion is seductive dressing. You know dharav women can be dressed completely and yet be heckled harassed molested or raped.
    According to me there are 3 reasons,
    1. UPBRINGING that matters so much. In a house where a girl is seen as a person who is born to cook clean etc..without valid identity in such houses,males tend to become chauvinistic and literally narrow minded.
    An open atmosphere at home is Soo important.
    2. ENVIRONMENT whenever i see girls heckled i find either the boys/men in groups or in crowded places like buses trains etc… Why is it so?? And why is it that such things go unnoticed??office harassment also taken in account?? I feel a society that shies away from sex or from sexuality is prime cause to cause repression leading to such strange pervertisms…which forgive me..is widely rampant.
    3. MEDIA this i regard as the worst culprit. In most movies,ladki ko chedna is fun…singing about her “hotness” is fun… i recently felt like laughing at shreya ghoshal when she said she doesnt sing vulgar songs. Sheila ki jawani is probably the worst famous song ive seen..so also “chikni chameli” i regard these as soft porn. Becoz the heroine didnt bother neither the lyricist ir the singer to see wat the song was saying. Gone are the days when songs were “soulful”…nowadays majority are “awful”.
    4. OUUR OWN MORAL SENSE is wearing shorts bad?? Trying to experiment with newclothrs wrong? Its nature that allowed men to roam in minimal underclothes but the onus of fully dressing up on women. I feel dress primarily is a item to keep us safe and comfortable. But alas even fully clothed and neatly dupatta clad women face pathetic behaviour(personally experienced too). Hence rather than making the dress the main focus its the mind and attitude that needs a-dressing.

    Dharav i agree atleast for now we need to understand the mindset and change our behaviour. But it would be ideal if the mindset changes giving us space to live and express freely..men and women alike.
    I wonder what times would come…maybe women would heckle men looking sexually explicit…LOL…

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    • Thank you Veena for reading my long post and for a detailed reply!

      I agree with you that most girls who get molested/ raped would have been fully clad. Infact I fully agree that even if she seductively dressed – that doesn’t give anyone the liberty to force himself on her… The main reasons for misbehaviour towards girls are bad cultural belief patterns which justify the male libido, repression of sexuality as you pointed out, declining sex ratio, etc. and I fully agree that provocative clothing is not the main reason. The reasons why I disapprove of seductive clothing are different, as I have detailed above.

      As for shorts, I have no objections to the size of clothing per say. Wont go in nitty gritty; but would just say there is a difference between dressing for comfort and dressing to appear sexually attractive. And it is only the second one that I think is unhealthy, when done in public. Also, I would like to differ slightly on the mindset issue you told. Crimes against women are completely because of mindset – I fully agree. But the issue I am talking of is that if a male or female shows too much of his skin that is bound to arouse sexual emotions in people of opposite gender. They inturn will not commit any crime; but would get distracted for sure. Can we not put some restrictions on our dressing to avoid this? I personally loved to wear tight clothes because my physique was very good while I was in my XII & MBBS. (now ofcourse you would not believe that looking at me 🙂 ) Then one day I heard about the argument that clothes are meant to cover the body and not to show it; so that un-necessarily we don’t distract people around us. That appealed to me and from that day I gave up tight clothes and started avoiding wearing shorts when I go outside my home.


  3. Well written Dharav. I have known you for sometime now. And I think I have the liberty to be open and frank with you. So here are my comments:

    “Should we continue with pride our culture of dignified clothing wherein women used to wear a dupatta to avoid arousing sexual emotions un-necessarily; wherein other elements to her personality are given more attention to by her and by people around?’

    ## Why restrict yourself to dupatta – why not Burkha? The best form of clothing for women – Even the wildest male carnal imagination cannot pierce through it!!

    ## According to me, an exclusive Indian dress – The Saree – is the sexiest piece of dress a woman can wear and yet be traditional (probably you realize it too and thats why you never mentioned saree – focussed only on dupatta!!)

    ## I presume you are specifying our ancient Hindu culture only, based on your text. Read about our ancient Hindu sex culture – http://www.brahmakumaris.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=3333

    “Or should we enthusiastically march towards a culture wherein the aim of dressing is to project to people the wonderful figure one has?”

    ## Why do you seem to be ashamed of sexuality? Is it restricted to sexuality only or does it include sex too?!

    ## This discomfort about sex and sexuality among Indians has been widely accepted to be imposed upon the Indian culture by the stifling conservatism of Victorian era (Psychoanalysis, sexual conflict!!).

    “It is degrading our tastes! Such open acceptance of pornography in films is leading our film industry into a very unhealthy direction”

    ## Human mind is pornographic through imagination, fantasies. Suppressing or rather more appropriately repressing ones desires could lead to conversion disorder!!

    ## Pornography is a choice as is prostitution, the oldest employment industry. Prostitution is not completely illegal provided there are majors involved by choice http://www.gangothri.org/node/9

    “In psychological terms dressing in a seductive way is a trait of borderline personality disorder – people who are not sure of themselves & their beliefs.”

    ## In psychological terms, your opinion piece seems to be from someone with a trait of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with a strong sense of morality and righteousness!!

    ## Provocative dressing is only practised by a small minority of individuals. The definition of provocative dressing would also differ from person to person, culture to culture & time to time! But are sexual crimes directed only towards females who are provocatively dressed??!!

    I support some of your views too Dharav:
    – Skimpily clad women crave attention. They don’t wear them for being more airy!
    – Often the resulting attention that they get is judged based on the male’s demeanour and language. A good looking, well dressed, hunk from an upper socio-economic strata says ‘Hot hai yaar’ is often considered acceptable and complimentary. While a local guy from a middle/lower socio-economic strata saying ‘Item/piece hai yaar’ is considered offending by the same women craving attention!
    – They can guarantee attention but what form cannot be guaranteed – may be good or bad, may be complimenting or lecherous.
    – But who doesn’t crave attention. Even this opinion piece of yours and my comment in this public forum are for gaining attention!!
    – Media does indeed have the power to shape opinions. Moderation is recommended (But again how much is too much is a matter for debate itself).
    – Some bold scenes are claimed to be aesthetically shot while some are vulgar (probably the movie budget has got something to do with this!)

    That’s it for the moment 🙂

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    • Dear Ajish, thank you for regarding me close enough that you can freely express your view to me! I cherish our wonderful relation !! thanks for reading the post and responding to both – what you agree with and otherwise. I agree that balance is the key to everything in life…. Here are my few responses..
      – Why dupatta – why not burkha? My question would be why midis/ minis – why not nude? I guess each one has to decide for himself/ herself what the purpose of dressing is; and then choose the one that serves that purpose for him/ her. If seducing is the purpose for someone, then yes my arguments don’t hold ground.
      – I am not basing my arguments mainly on what indian/ hindu culture/ religion did/ says. I believe men & women must try to wear such clothes that people around don’t get sexually aroused & distracted un-necessarily – and I mainly base my argument on that. So if wearing saree in certain ways is very revealing – then yes, in my opinion it should be avoided..
      – I am not against sexuality & sex. I also firmly believe that repression of sexuality is responsible for so many problems; and we as a culture need to get open about it. My point is when you are in a mood for sex or attracting someone for it, feel free to wear what you want. But why un-necessarily disturb others with whom you don’t want to have sex?
      – And I would like to again clarify, I am not saying in anyway that rapes are mainly because of seductive dressing. Civilised people who get distracted, will not commit any crime on any woman even after being aroused. And males with bad taste will attack even a fully clothed woman. My reasons for objecting to men/ women dressing seductively in general public/ item numbers are different, as stated above.
      – Your psychological analysis is absolutely right.. I have OCD as well as a strong sense of morality and righteousness 
      – (it’s not relevant to the topic; but because you mentioned prostitution as an employment generating industry, did you know that majority women who are in at are forced into it? For many years they are exploited. And then when they become seniors in the industry, they accept it as their profession, because anyways they are not accepted in the society around. Every year, 2,00,000 girls/ women get forced into a life of sexual slavery in India alone! So I would rather call it organised crime rather than an industry.)
      – Your observation about girls feeling happy or angry on the same comment, based on who is saying it, is so interesting  Yes, I for sure crave for a lot of attention  I guess, we should just give some thought to which aspect of our personality do we want to attract people to?
      Thank you so much for sharing your views… it was interesting to read them !!


  4. Dear Sir,
    Awesome post that it made me think endlessly. I just wanted to share my views.
    I’ll split the various subjects to make it easy for me 😛
    Strongly agree with you about whats happening to the Indian movies
    “Reel” and “Real” are different but for the fact that “Reel” has some influence on the “real” society like you’ve mentioned.
    Women’s role in Indian movies has seen both positive as well as negative changes nicely put in this article : https://mediaindiagroup.wordpress.com/tag/women-in-100-years-of-indian-cinema/
    And I guess the negative aspect (the item numbers being irrelevant in a movie like you mentioned) exists due to a vicious cycle. The industry makes them for the mass and the mass wants them. So where do we break the chain? And when the industry tries to showcase feminism they take the wrong route of violence (like in the movie Mardhani). Its annoying!
    Totally agree with you that non-mainstream movies are suffering

    Advertising products : Both men and women are involved in advertising products.
    Yes “seduction” is used for advertising irrelevant products through mini skirts/ 6 packs. But how is it different from using Dhoni’s sports popularity in selling pepsi?
    I don’t agree that its objectification unless the models themselves don’t enjoy doing it. I mean we (including me) talk for them. I want to know what they feel about their job from THEM. Please do share if you come across such articles sir:)
    (ilke this former sex worker writes : ” Despite more than forty years of sex worker activism across the United States and the globe, mainstream debates about sex work still take place largely without the input of those who perform it.” http://www.bostonreview.net/books-ideas/michaele-ferguson-playing-the-whore)

    About dressing seductively in public :
    I agree that there are people(both men and women) who dress inappropriately to work place or colleges. But somehow i believe they constitute a small number.
    Being dressed in short clothes for me (if the circumstance is not inappropriate) gives a feeling of “being comfortable” (which is not a stupid excuse) coz it gives a feeling that “i need not worry about hiding my body parts” . I mean i envy the West in that nobody cares how much we’re exposed or not exposed. I wonder how the guys take it in the West. 😛
    Cultures change. What if one day in India, wearing bikini wouldn’t be such a big issue? 😛 (i wouldn’t be surprised)


    • Dear Swathi,
      Thank you for saying something positive about the blog! (All the remaining positive responses have come on whatsapp and emails. This is the 1st one on blog 🙂 )
      Yes I agree that male as well as female body is used to sell things/ movie. I was thinking about the comparison you made between cricketers & female models used to market things.. I guess there is no difference in the context that the product is not being sold based on its merits/ requirement; but based on the attraction one has for the person talking about it (which is do feel is not a great thing). The difference between the 2 would be that in one the love for cricket is tapped to make money and in other the love for female/ male body is tapped to make money 🙂 I guess none of that is bad per say… Just that for ads using female body to sell things, the 4 disadvantages mentioned in the article would be applicable. I have not given a thought to the possible negative implications of other ads..
      I agree that person involved in the issue being discussed would be a very valuable contributor to the discussion…i have not read any detailed opinion, but by and large what I hear is females who do item numbers/ wear seductively are proud of it. “the great seductress” is a term I read so often now and people take it as a compliment! I had read a particular female say that her aim in life is to do 5 item numbers…After the film ‘Darr’, I heard from someone that Juhi Chawala talked about regretting the kind of exposure she did in the film. I have not heard any such thoughts from anyone else (but I don’t read much about that industry…so don’t know…
      Yes I agree that still most girls in most localities in India, wear clothes decently…and also that many a times short clothes are worn for comfort and not to seduce… and there are many types of short clothes which I also don’t find objectionable..

      And a big thanks for choosing to follow my blog 🙂


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